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How Lumen Can Add Value To You

In working together, Lumen has to bring tangible benefits to you. We see these benefits as being;

A clear strategic plan being put in place
Knowing exactly what you are working towards and how you are going to get there.

Knowing what financial contracts you have and why you have them; where they fit into the big picture of fulfilling your goals. No more of Im paying a lot of direct debits but Im not exactly sure what they are for.

Peace of mind
Reassurance that your goals are being fulfilled whether that is having sufficient money in retirement, protecting your family in case of death or illness, or wealth creation / preservation.

Professional advice easily accessed
Your adviser is easily accessed by email or telephone and will provide professional advice that is suitable for you and your situation. Our advisers are highly qualified in financial advice and have extensive experience working in this sector and providing financial advice.

A high level of service
Lumen is focused on service and understands the importance of reviewing and monitoring your goals in light of your changing circumstances and changing legislation. We aim to provide a higher level of service that you may have received in the past from other advisers.

Unbiased and independent advice
Lumen Financial Planning are a fee based company and so will remain unbiased in providing advice as to the path you need to take or the vehicles you need to use to get you to your goals. As independent financial advisers we can access the whole marketplace. We are privately owned and are therefore not influenced by any outside source.

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