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Lumen Financial Planning Ltd work with individuals and small and medium sized business owners to discuss and ascertain their life goals, and to design and implement bespoke strategic financial plans to work towards fulfilment of these goals.

Lumen Financial Planning has been set up to be different - different in our focus, different in the benefits we bring and different in the way we charge.

We focus on you and what you want to achieve in life; these are our priorities.

We provide you with strategic financial plans which show the path you need to take to meet your goals. We are not focussed on product sales but on specific and suitable advice to meet your goals.

We will work with your accountant, solicitor and any other professional consultant you use to ensure that our strategies fit in harmony with you and your personal situation.

We will be honest and realistic with you regarding the likelihood of you fulfilling your goals and what you need to do or change to fulfil them.

We are a fee based company that charges for advice given and work undertaken. By charging fees this way we are unbiased in relation to the advice we give and any products or companies that we recommend.

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