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Protecting You & Your Dependants

One thing that the majority of people want to ensure is that their dependents have sufficient money to survive and enjoy life if they die or are unable to work.

Many people have cover to repay their borrowings on death, for example their mortgage, but have no additional provision to provide for their family on their death. The state will provide some help, but generally it is not enough to let your dependents live up to the same standard as before.

Providing additional provision for your family is relatively easy to arrange and can be put in place at a low cost.

If an individual is unable to work due to an accident or illness they may receive income from other sources, such as their employer through a sick pay scheme, though this may not continue for long, or from the state, however in the majority of cases the amount paid will be insufficient for most people to survive on.

Your income stopping may therefore substantially affect how your family lives. Therefore, protecting your income against being unable to work due to accident or illness is essential especially if you are a business owner.

Your income can be protected and cover for this can be arranged easily and at a relatively low cost.
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